Using the Data Migration Workbench for PeopleSoft Asset Profiles

Asset profiles are templates that contain standard depreciation criteria for an asset type and its corresponding asset books. The information established for an asset profile can later be used as default values when you add new assets to the system. When you add a new asset profile or modify an existing asset profile, you typically do so in a test environment to ensure data integrity, then migrate the asset profile data to the production environment. You can use the Asset Profile ADS to migrate asset profile data from a test environment to a production environment and validate the data.

The following table lists the delivered ADS definitions (delivered in Data Set Designer) to support the migration of asset profile data:

Delivered ADS to Support PeopleSoft Asset Profiles

Application Data Set (ADS) Usage


This data set includes the records that store asset profile definitions.

Select this data set on the Data Migration Workbench - Project Definition page to move asset profile data from one database to another.

PeopleSoft delivers an ADS Administrator permission list. For access, the PS/AM access group should be included on the Data Migration page within the Access Group Permissions and the proper access is granted on the Copy Compare Permissions.

See PeopleTools: Security Administration, Permission Lists.

All relevant records are included in the Query Access Tree, QUERY_TREE_AM within the PS/AM access group (PeopleTools, Security, Query Security, Query Access Manager).

For more information about application data sets and data set implementation, see: