Understanding PeopleSoft SCM Portal Pack

The PeopleSoft SCM Portal Pack is a collection of portal pagelets set up on the employee registry and accessed through your organization's intranet, or on the customer registry accessed through your organization's extranet homepages. These pagelets enable you to access to key data and transactions within the PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management applications.

You install the PeopleSoft SCM Portal Pack and define roles and permission lists for specific users that enable them to access specific pagelet components in PeopleSoft Security. Users, based on their defined role, can access certain pagelets to personalize their portal homepages. You can identify the pagelets that support personalization if the Customize button appears on the title bar of the pagelet.

You can configure the portal homepage with three narrow columns or one narrow and one wide column. Some pagelets have both a narrow and a wide version, each with its own object name. When you see two object names for a pagelet, the first one refers to the narrow version.