Understanding the Pagelets Designed for PeopleSoft Expenses

There are three types of pagelets designed for PeopleSoft Expenses:

  • Operational Summary pagelet for total predicted expenses.

  • Operational Threshold Alert pagelet for total expense costs.

  • Transactions in Progress pagelets for expense reports and time reports.

All PeopleSoft Expenses pagelets display data based on filter criteria defined on an administrator setup page or a user personalization page. What appears on the PeopleSoft Expenses pagelet also depends on which view the administrator or user selects: by department ID or by project ID. If PeopleSoft Expenses is set up to display data based on a department view, then PeopleSoft Expenses will filter by GL business unit and department ID. If PeopleSoft Expenses is set up to display data based on a project view, then PeopleSoft Expenses will filter by project business unit and project ID. You can also choose specific project IDs or filter by My Projects or Project Manager.

Note: Before PeopleSoft Expenses can display data in the Total Predicted Expense pagelet or an OTA pagelet, the administrator must define the calendar ID and the number of periods that the Expenses Pagelet Processing process uses to populate the summary tables.

The Expenses Pagelet Processing process converts expense data to various currencies so that the PeopleSoft Expenses pagelets can provide data in a currency that is meaningful to each user. The process also summarizes the information, which renders data in pagelets more rapidly.

Schedule this process by navigating to Travel and Expenses, Real-Time Analysis, Update Expenses Pagelet Info.

See Administer Expense Report and Time Report Pagelets.