Pagelets by Functional Role

PeopleSoft provides these customer-oriented role groupings as examples of how to organize pagelet access by function.

This topic discusses:

  • Broker pagelets.

  • Customer pagelets.

Note: The sample data contains customer and broker roles that you can use as examples for organizing access and security.

These pagelets enable a broker, an external user who conducts business on behalf of customers, to effectively manage promotions and view customer billing information:

  • Availability.

  • Current Product Summary.

  • Customer Promotions Calendar.

  • Discretionary Funding Status.

  • Most Recent Bills.

  • Most Recent Consolidated Bills.

  • My Promotions.

  • Nat'l Allow & Promo Calendar.

  • National Allowance Calendar.

  • Planned Promotional Funds.

  • Product Alternates.

  • Product Notes.

  • Product Sales.

  • Product Search.

  • Product Specifications.

  • Review Promotions.

  • Sales History by Customer.

Note: Many of the broker-oriented pagelets are also used by customer service employees and are documented in the Employee-Facing Supply Chain Management Pagelets topic.

These pagelets enable customers to view billing information:

  • Most Recent Bills.

  • Most Recent Consolidated Bills.