Using Roles and Permission Lists for the PeopleSoft Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) Portal Pack

The PeopleSoft ALM Portal Pack delivers sample roles and permission lists in the Financials database that you can use as an example to configure your security.

When you install a portal pack, pagelets are available for authorized users from both the Financials database application homepage. Because pagelets are assigned to specific permission lists instead of to specific roles, when you log in the system matches your role (that is associated with your user ID) to the appropriate permission lists to display authorized pagelets.

This table lists the enabling PeopleSoft ALM applications and their associated pagelets and sample permission lists:

Enabling Asset Lifecycle Management Application


Permission List

PeopleSoft IT Asset Management

Asset Financial Statistics

Software Inventory Monitor

Software Renewal Pagelet

Software Pending Requisitions

Software Device Monitor

Assets Not Reporting

Hardware Progress Report

Software Progress Report

Hardware Inventory

Inventory Exceptions

Lease End Metric

Integration Data Load Errors

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These sample permission lists are included at installation:

EPIT1000 (ITAM all permissions)

EPIT2000 (ITAM portal setup permission)

EPIT3000 (ITAM run and view reports)

EPIT4000 (ITAM portlet view-only)

EPIT5000 (Software Devices)

The key page in each list is PORTAL_COMPONENTS_EP. Include this page in any list to provide access to PeopleSoft IT Asset Management pagelets to users of that list.

PeopleSoft Maintenance Management

Backlog by Work Order Type

Unassigned Work Order Tasks

Reviewed Work Order Tasks

Scheduled Work Order Tasks

Scheduler's Work Orders

My Assigned Work Orders

Most Costly Assets To Maintain

Top 5 Problem Codes

My Service Requests

For the My Assigned Work Orders pagelet, use EPWM1008 (Maintenance Technician Pagelets).

For the My Service Requests pagelet, use EPWM1012 (Self-Service Service Request).

For all other PeopleSoft Maintenance Management pagelets, use EPWM1005 (Planner and Scheduler's Pagelets).

PeopleSoft Lease Administration

Property Statistics

Site Statistics

My Tasklist

My Lease Portfolio

Lease Costs

Lease Statistics

Lease Revenue

Lease Optimization

Space Utilization

Recently Acquired Sites

Recent SAR Exec. Performance

EPRE1000 (Real Estate Configuration)

EPRE2000 (Lease Administration)

EPRE3000 (Real Estate Portal Administration)

EPRE3500 (Real Estate Portal User)

To add pagelets to your PeopleSoft homepage, click the Personalize Content link on your homepage to access a list of pagelets to which you have access, and select one or more pagelets.

To personalize the pagelet layout on your PeopleSoft homepage, click the Layout link on the homepage.