Using Roles and Permission Lists for the PeopleSoft SCM Portal Pack

The PeopleSoft Supply Chain Portal Pack pagelets are targeted for specific functional roles, which generally fit into two audiences (mirroring the different portal registries):

  • Employee.

  • Customer.

Similar to page access, you control pagelet security at the component level by associating it with a permission, and then associate the permission list with a role. Each pagelet has its own component to enable more granular access. You can ascertain the component name of a pagelet in PeopleSoft Application Designer by searching for definition references to the system or object name of the page.

Oracle delivers sample data with your products that groups pagelets into the functional roles, Employee and Customer. You must create permission lists appropriate for your organization and associate them with role definitions before users can access the pagelets. You can refer to the roles and permission list definitions that Oracle delivers in the PeopleTools Security sample data for examples of how to set up this data.

The sample roles that Oracle delivers to enable access to PeopleSoft Supply Chain Portal Pack pagelets are:

  • Employee (internal)

  • Customer (external)

PeopleTools: Using PeopleSoft Applications

Employee (Internal)


Customer service manager.

Customer service representative.


Purchasing manager.


Warehouse manager.

Warehouse personnel.

Customer (External)