Viewing Enterprise Service Automation Navigation Collection Pagelets

This topic provides an overview of Navigation Collection pagelets and discusses how to set up navigation collections.

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Navigation Collections - Find an Existing Collection Page


Search for an existing Navigation Collection that you want to edit or delete. Access pages that you can use to create new Navigation Collections.

Maintain Collection - Navigation Collection Page


Maintain Navigation Collection pagelets.

Navigation collections are sets of links into Financials database that support the users' ability to perform key business processes in a services organization. PeopleSoft Enterprise Service Automation Portal Pack delivers Navigation Collection pagelets to facilitate the performance of key business processes. The primary users of Navigation Collection pagelets are directors, resource supervisors, project and program managers, resources, and contract and billing administrators. System administrators can modify a Navigation Collection pagelet to include links to any component or page in the Financials database.

Navigation Collection pagelets support these business processes:

  • Managing proposals.

  • Managing contracts.

  • Managing departments.

  • Managing a practice.

  • Managing project accounting.

  • Managing programs and projects.

  • Resource self-service.

Enterprise Service Automation Navigation Collections are public Navigation Collections that users can select to appear on their Home page.

To view a Navigation Collection pagelet:

  1. Click the Personalize Content link on the PeopleSoft Home page to access the Personalize Content page.

  2. Select one or more of the Navigation Collection pagelets in the Cross-Financials group box.

In PeopleTools Security, permission lists are associated with user roles in the Financials database, which determines the pages to which users have access. If a user does not have access to a component or page that appears on the Navigation Collection pagelet, the link to the component or page does not appear in the pagelet.

Use the Navigation Collections - Find an Existing Collection page (PTPP_SCSRCH) to search for an existing Navigation Collection that you want to edit or delete.

You can use these to create new Navigation Collections.

Use the Maintain Collection - Navigation Collection page (PTPP_SCMAINTCOLL) to maintain Navigation Collection pagelets.

Administrators can modify Navigation Collection pagelets as follows:

  1. Search for the navigation collection that identifies the business process that you want to modify.

  2. Click the Edit link corresponding to the Navigation Collection.

  3. Add or edit links or folders on the Maintain Collection - Navigation Collection page.

See PeopleTools: Portal Technology, "Working With Navigation Pages."