Viewing Product Information

This topic discusses pagelets used to view:

  • Availability.

  • Current Product Summary.

  • Product Alternates.

  • Product Notes.

  • Product Search.

  • Product Specifications.

Use the following pagelets to view product information.

Pagelet Name


For More Information


Displays product availability information. Employees can view quantity that is on hand and quantity that is reserved for a product by ship from business unit and unit of measure.

See Maintaining Order Schedule Information.

Current Product Summary

Displays information about the product, including the description. Employees can navigate to see detail product information, view the list prices by inventory business unit, and check price and availability.

See Establishing Product Definitions.

Product Alternates

Displays alternates for a product. Employees can navigate to view product information.

See Attachments Page.

Product Notes

Displays notes that are assigned to a product.

See Notes Page.

Product Search

Enables employees to search for existing products to populate the additional pagelets with product data.

See Notes Page.

Product Specifications

Displays product specifications for a product.

See Product Specifications Page.