Viewing Product Sales

This topic discusses the Product Sales pagelet and the Sales History by Customer pagelet.

Use the Product Sales pagelet to display, in bar chart format, the actual versus planned sales amounts for a product during the current period. The pagelet displays data for all products for which the user is authorized on the active product tree defined on the Promotions Options - General Options page in PeopleSoft Promotions Management. If returns have been received for the product, the returned amount is subtracted from the actual sales amount.

Access the Sales History by Customer pagelet.

Displays customers with the expected promotional sales amount from all promotions, the actual sales amount for the current period, and the actual sales amount from the same period last year. The expected promotional sales amount is the sum of all planned ship quantities multiplied by the product prices defined on the promotions. The actual sales amounts include all invoiced amounts for the customer, not just invoiced amounts for promotional activity, minus any returns received for the customer.

Note: This pagelet is only available in the two column format.