Viewing Unassigned Work Order Tasks

This topic provides an overview and discusses how to view unassigned work order tasks information.

Page Name

Definition Name


Unassigned Work Order Tasks Pagelet


View work order tasks grouped by priority that are Unassigned or Unplanned status.

Work Order Workbench Page


View the Work Order Workbench for the user logged into the system.

See the Unassigned Work Order Tasks Pagelet.

Work Order Portal Personalization Page


Click the Customize Unassigned Work Order Tasks icon on the Unassigned Work Order Tasks pagelet to define default display information for the Backlog by Work Order Type, Unassigned Work Order Tasks, Reviewed Work Order Tasks, and Scheduled Work Order Tasks pagelets.

It is important to review new work orders in a timely manner. When a work order is first created, the work order is not reviewed and is in an initial stage. The first status of a work order is configurable by the customer. Based on the initial customer defined status, the system infers the work order has not been planned, reviewed, or assigned. Some refer to this view as the unplanned backlog, which is often used as a measure of planning efficiency.

This pagelet displays work orders that have an initial customer-defined status (unplanned or unassigned) that needs attention and displays the work orders in a prioritized manner, sorted by urgency and age. A count of the work orders is shown for each priority based on age. Each age group is totaled by the end column giving a grand total for the group.

The pie chart is a graphical summarization of the total unassigned work order tasks by priority.

Use the Unassigned Work Order Tasks pagelet (EPWM_PE_INITIAL_GBL) to view work order tasks grouped by priority that are Unassigned or Unplanned status.

Image: Unassigned Work Order Tasks page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Unassigned Work Order Tasks page. You can find definitions for the fields and controls later on this page.

Unassigned Work Order Tasks page

Field or Control



Click the Priority link to transfer the Work Order Workbench page to view a list of work orders for the selected priority, sorted by descending date.

From the list of work orders on the Technician Workbench, click the Work Order ID link to view the work order details.

Note: The Priority field is a configurable value.

30 Days, 60 Days, 90 Days, and >90 Days (greater than 90 days)

Displays the number of work orders unassigned by priority and aging days based on the creation date of the work order.


Displays the total of all columns and represents all work orders for the given priority.

Note: This pagelet is dependent on the Initial Status field being set during implementation. The Initial Status field is established during system setup, and work orders cannot be created until the initial status is defined.

Note: This pagelet can only be personalized for the work order business unit. The pagelet is restricted in this way so a user does not accidentally filter out important work orders.

See the Personalizing Backlog by Work Order Type section of this topic for information on specifying the work order business unit.

Note: Work orders created from preventive maintenance schedules are not included in this pagelet.