Understanding BI Publisher Picking Plan and Goods Receipts Reports

This section provides an overview of Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher Plan and Goods Receipts reports structure.

BI Publisher is part of the Oracle technology stack. It enables you to create and customize reports using templates. These templates are maintainable using standard desktop applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Adobe Acrobat. It is fairly simple to create and maintain these templates because these applications are familiar tools. The BI Publisher engine takes XML data as input, combines it with the report template, and translates it to produce the report output. The report output can be HTML, PDF, RTF, or XLS. However, the output format is limited to PDF when the output type is Printer.

Note: Order Management generates the Picking Plan and Goods Receipts reports as PDF files.

See the product documentation for PeopleTools: BI Publisher for PeopleSoft

Two templates are delivered with PeopleSoft Order Management for printing Picking Plan and Good Receipts using BI Publisher. These templates are RTF templates that were created using Microsoft Word and the BI Publisher Template Builder, which is a plug-in to Microsoft Word.