Understanding PeopleSoft Delivery Management and Freight Calculations

The delivery management and freight calculation features in PeopleSoft Inventory and Order Management enable you to group items for shipment and apply freight charges. The freight feature applies only to sales orders and quotes from PeopleSoft Order Management.

These features include:

  • Delivery: Deliveries are logical groupings of demand lines that can be shipped together. PeopleSoft Inventory and Order Management can use these groupings for pricing sales orders, performing fulfillment activities, adding freight charges, and packing shipping containers (both material stock requests and sales orders). Each delivery is assigned a unique delivery ID.

  • Freight Calculation: Freight charges can be applied to a sales order using:

    • Integration to Third-Party Freight Provider: Using PeopleSoft EIPs (enterprise integration points), you can send deliveries to a third-party freight provider and receive back freight charges into PeopleSoft Inventory or Order Management. Multiple ways are available to configure this interface.

    • Internal PeopleSoft Freight Calculation: Using arbitration plans, freight rules, and freight breaks within PeopleSoft Order Management and PeopleSoft Inventory, you can design the system to calculate and apply the freight costs to deliveries assigned to sales orders.

    • Manual Entry of Freight Costs: Using the Freight Amount field located on several pages and process pages within PeopleSoft Order Management and PeopleSoft Inventory, you can manually enter freight charges for deliveries and sales orders.

Deliveries are required for the internal or third-party freight calculation features.