Pegging in PeopleSoft Manufacturing

A production ID from PeopleSoft Manufacturing can be pegged as supply to stock requests and transfer demand in PeopleSoft Inventory and to sales orders in PeopleSoft Order Management. The following rules apply when pegging production:

  • You can peg to a production ID but not a production schedule.

  • You can only peg to the primary output of a production ID, not co-products or by-products.

  • Once a production ID has been pegged, you cannot split it.

You can access peg chains and create new peg chains by accessing the Pegging Workbench or view peg chains by accessing the Pegging Inquiry page from the Maintain PIDs - Production ID Outputs page in PeopleSoft Manufacturing. In addition, you can access the Pegging Inquiry page from:

  • Record Completions and Scrap component

  • The PID/Schedule inquiry component

  • The Review Dispatch List inquiry component

Note: The link to the Pegging Workbench is only visible if the User Security page gives access to the user ID.

Pegging chains are also visible on the Production report, Print Production documents and Dispatch List report.

To view process flow diagrams about pegging production IDs, see the demand-side sections in this topic about pegging to PeopleSoft Inventory and PeopleSoft Order Management.