Using the Printable Documents Framework

The Style Repository within the Printable Documents Framework provides the ability to define the stylesheet to use with the Printable Documents Framework reports. In addition, this repository allows you to customize the stylesheets and override a given stylesheet for reports at the business-unit level so that a different look-and-feel can be created for reports for each business unit.

Note: The Printable Document Style component will be shipped as system data and should be updated by the developers adding reports to the Printable Document Framework. You will populate the Printable Document Style By Business Unit component if you want to change the default stylesheet by Business Unit for a report within the Printable Document Framework.

The Printable Document Framework supports the following meta-HTML variables within your XSL Stylesheet (Content Name):

  • %REPORT_LOGO - This meta-variable is replaced with the image entered in the Report Logo field at run time.

  • %Bind(:1) thru %Bind(:4) - These meta-variables are replaced with the context entered in the Sub Content Name fields at run time.

Page Name

Definition Name


Printable Document Style Page


Define the default style sheet to be used for printable documents.

Printable Document Style By BU Page


Define override style sheets to be used when printing documents for a given business unit.