Maintaining Additional Order Schedule Information

This topic provides information about entering or modifying additional information for the options that are available under the Schedule Menu section of the Shipment Schedules page.

Enter required and commonly used order schedule information on the Shipment Schedules page.

This topic discusses how to modify general ledger account distributions.

Page Name

Definition Name


Item/Product Availability Page


Check the current quantity and projected future availability for an item or product.

Available to Promise Page


Activates a call to PeopleSoft Inventory to calculate available to promise orders against future supply. The Available To Promise page appears if the entire quantity is available to promise.

Carrier Information


View carrier information. View this page from the header, line, or schedule.

Schedule Commissions Page


View or modify commission information at the schedule level.

Copy Schedule Page


Copy one or more schedules of the order line.

Shipment Schedules Page

Currency Data


View currency and exchange rate information for the order.

You can have only one currency per order. You can change the currency for the order until lines are added to the order.

Custom Fields


Add or update customer character, numeric, or date and time fields at the schedule level. The fields can be used with inbound and outbound EIPs.

Distribution Accounts Page


Modify general ledger account distribution for the shipment schedule.

Manage Loads Page


View load information.

Combine order lines into a load for shipping on a particular carrier. View the actual load weight and volume of the load against the ship via maximum weight and volume capacity.

Projects Defaults


Enter or view PeopleSoft Project Costing information for the schedule.

The fields that are on this page are the same as those on the Header Project Defaults page.

Schedule User Reference


Captures information that the customer wants referenced on the order. Data referenced here is informational only and is used with inbound and outbound EIPs.

Schedule VAT Information Page


Enter or override VAT default values for the schedule.

Schedule Notes/Attachments


Associate notes or attachments with a sales order schedule and print them on designated documents. For example, you can attach a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet to an order.

Schedule Holds/Change Reasons


Enter and view holds and reasons for holds to order schedules.

Order Hold History Page


View an audit trail for the hold information on the schedule.

Actual Shipments


View shipment detail for a schedule.

Allocation Workbench Page


Use the Allocation Workbench to create a pre-allocation or lot allocation or move demand to the Released state in order to create a standard allocation.

Excise and Sales Tax Page


View India excise and sales tax information.

Lot Allocation Page


Use the Allocation Workbench to lot allocate a lot-controlled product.

Shipment Schedules Page

Use the Distribution Accounts page (ORDENT_SCH_DISTRIB) to modify general ledger account distribution for the shipment schedule.

Note: If the Order Management business unit is set up to pass discounts and surcharges to PeopleSoft Billing and the distribution IDs do not come from the price rules, you can view and modify the order schedule distribution IDs. If you want to view distribution IDs that come from price rules, you must open each price rule that is attached to the schedule. If the business unit is not set up to pass discounts and surcharges to PeopleSoft Billing, you cannot view or change the distribution IDs at the schedule level, whatever their source.

Field or Control


Revenue Code, Discount Code, Surcharge Code

Add or change these distribution codes. If you enter more than one value for a code, use the associated distribution percent fields to enter the percentages. The revenue distribution percent for each separate type of code must equal 100 percent.