Example Overview

Image: Payment terms integration flow

This diagram represents the scenario for this application.

Payment terms integration flow

In this example, the PeopleSoft application updates the third-party application every time a new payment term is added. This transformation requires mapping the PeopleSoft ABM elements to the EBM elements, as well as mapping keys and static values. This example covers the following data translations within Application Integration Framework:

  • The combination of the fields SETID and PYMNT_TERMS_CD is used as the key in the PeopleSoft application. This value needs to be assigned a common GUID for the EBM.

  • The PeopleSoft application uses a 3-character code for language. The third-party system uses a numeric code.

This integration requires a transformation that:

  • Maps the message structure.

  • Creates a common value for the key fields.

  • Translates the data values for static fields that differ.