Understanding Transform Programs

A transform program is a type of PeopleSoft Application Engine program. After you create a new transform application engine program, you add steps and actions to the program, and then add code to the steps and actions that performs data transformation and translation.

To develop a transform program, you must know the initial structure and possibly the content of the message with which you are working, as well as the structure (and content) of the result that you want to achieve.

You specify which transform program to apply within a routing definition for a service operation.

Transformation Programming Languages

You can use PeopleCode or Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT) as a programming language for creating transformation logic. XSLT is a recognized standard language that is well-suited to manipulating XML structures, so it is highly recommended for transformations.

PeopleSoft applications provide XSLT extension functions and PeopleCode APIs to perform value map lookups, deletes, and population.

Note: When programming using XSLT, you can manually code the XSLT or use the Oracle XSL Mapper to graphically associate records and fields. The Oracle XSL Mapper then automatically generates the XSLT code.

See PeopleTools: PeopleSoft Integration Broker, Applying Filtering, Transformation and Translation, Developing Transform Programs.