Updating the Service Operation Routing

To update the service operations routing:

  1. Select PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Integration Setup > Service Operations.

  2. Select the service operation that you need to update.

  3. Select the Routing page.

  4. Either enter a new routing or click the link for an existing routing.

  5. If it is a new routing, enter the routing information.

  6. Access the Parameters page.

    Field or Control


    Message.Ver into Transform 1

    This is the PeopleSoft ABM message.

    Transform Program 1

    This is the transformation program created for this integration.

    Message.Ver out of Transforms

    This is the EBM message that will be sent to the third party.

  7. Save the routing.

Image: Service Operations Routing - Parameters page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Service Operations Routing - Parameters page. You can find definitions for the fields and controls later on this page.

Service Operations Routing - Parameters page