Description of the illustration admin083.eps

This image shows a large rectangle representing the SGA. Inside the SGA are two rows of boxes representing the SGA components. The three boxes in the top row, going from left to right, are labeled Java Pool, Redo Buffer, and Buffer Cache. The four boxes in the bottom row, going from left to right, are labeled Shared pool, Streams pool, Large pool, and Other Components. Outside the SGA is another memory component labeled Database Smart Flash Cache. It is connected by a double-arrow to the Buffer Cache box inside the SGA. Outside the SGA are three boxes labeled Server Process 1, Server Process 2, and Server Process 3, and two boxes labeled Background Process. Each of these five processes is connected to the large SGA box with a double-sided arrow, indicating that each process reads from and writes to the SGA. Each process is also connected with a double-sided arrow to a small box labeled PGA. Each process has its own connected PGA box.