Downloading Drop Ship Vendors (ECSV)

Purpose: Use this menu option to send vendors to Order Broker for drop ship fulfillment.

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Downloading Vendors to Order Broker

Download Drop Ship Vendors Screen

Downloading Vendors to Order Broker

This option sends new or updated vendor information to Order Broker’s Supplier Direct Fulfillment module through the CreateDSVendor message. Only vendors whose Drop ship output field on the Second Create Vendor Screen is set to OROB Drop Shipping are eligible to be sent to Order Broker.

The information sent to Order Broker includes:

• vendor code and description

• contact name and email address

• vendor address

Afterward, you can use the Order Broker screens to set vendor preferences, change carrier assignments, and set up vendor users.

Order Broker creates each new vendor in active status, and automatically assigns the vendor to all active carriers.

Other ways to create vendors in Oracle Retail Order Broker: You can create a new vendor in the Order Broker database by using the Create Vendor screen. You can also create a vendor by sending a purchase order for the vendor; however, when you create a new vendor this way, the only information sent from Order Management System about the vendor is the vendor code, name, and email address. You will need to complete the remaining setup for the vendor through the Order Broker Edit Vendor screen.

Transferred vendor information: The vendor information transferred to Order Broker through this menu option is from the Vendor table, with the exception of Vendor e-mail address, which is from in the Vendor Contact Table.

Updating an existing vendor: If the vendor record already exists in Order Broker and you or the vendor have updated the record there, processing the vendor download overwrites the existing information in Order Broker.

For more information: See the Order Broker Operations Guide for more information on the contents of the CreateDSVendor message, and see the Order Broker online help for more information on completing vendor setup in Order Broker.

Download Drop Ship Vendors Screen

How to display this screen: Enter ECSV in the Fast path field at the top of any menu or select Download Drop Ship Vendors from a menu.

Screen Option


Send vendor information to Order Broker

Select Submit to submit the batch job which transfers vendor information to Order Broker.

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