Browser Setup for Order Management System

Purpose: This topic discusses how to configure a browser for access to Order Management System.

Supported Browsers

Supported browsers for the Order Management System screens are:

• Internet Explorer 10.0 or higher

• Safari 5.0 or higher

The browser you use must support TLSv1.2.

Running Multiple Sessions of Order Management System

Overview: You can have more than one active Order Management System session open at a time, but you need to open each Order Management System session in a separate instance of the web browser.

• Select File > New Session to start a new Order Management System session; or

• Create a shortcut on your desktop. You can click this shortcut to open multiple Order Management System sessions.

Do not use any other methods to open another Order Management System session. For example, do not select File > New Window or File > New Tab from your current session, or the sessions will share a cache and the results will be unpredictable.

Miscellaneous screen format problems: Occasionally a series of keystrokes can cause the screen format to be incorrect, or can cause your Order Management System session to end unexpectedly. If this occurs, exit the web browser and log back into Order Management System. If the problem continues to occur, check the Job Management screen and confirm that your previous session does not appear to be running. If the previous session is still running, this can cause your current session to retain the incorrect settings. End your previous session at the Job Management screen to correct the formatting issues.

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