Vendor Upload Error Report

Purpose: This report lists any records in the Vendor Upload table that contain errors. You can use this report to determine the vendor upload records you need to correct.

Note: Each vendor upload record in an error status is associated with only one error (the first error the system finds for the record). Once you correct the error and resubmit the vendor upload batch program, the system validates the record for additional errors.

This report sorts in record type, company, vendor number sequence.

How to print: Select Submit at the Submit Vendor Upload Screen to submit the vendor upload batch program.

For more information: See the sample report in PDF format.


Record type: Identifies whether the vendor upload record is an add, modify, or delete, or if the record type is missing or invalid. The total number of records that contain errors for each type of record (add, modify, delete, missing/invalid) is listed underneath each record type.

Company number: Identifies the Order Management System company where you wish to upload the vendor upload record. Company 0 indicates that the company number is missing from the vendor upload record (the Company field is blank).

Vendor number: A code that identifies the vendor you are creating, updating, or deleting, based on the record type defined for the vendor upload record. Vendor number 0 indicates that the vendor number is missing from the vendor upload record (the Vendor # field is blank).

Vendor name: The name of the vendor. The vendor name is blank if the vendor name is missing from the vendor upload record (the Vendor name field is blank).

Error Description: A description of the error associated with the vendor upload record; see Vendor Upload Errors.

Number of records: The number of vendor upload records for each record type (add, change, delete, missing/invalid) that are in error.

ME02_07r OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC