Updating Items and SKUs

Topics in this part:

Creating Item/SKU Offers (MISO) describes how to create an item/SKU offer.

Updating Item/SKU Offers (MUSO) explains the Update SKU Offer screen and its fields. This option updates information on multiple SKU offer records at one time.

Deleting SKUs for an Item (MDLT) explains how to delete a SKU for a particular item.

Copying SKU Offer Information (MCSO) describes how to duplicate the information in one offer to another offer.

Copying Item Warehouse Information (MCIW) explains how to duplicate the item warehouse information in one warehouse to another warehouse.

Working with Offer Overrides by Item Class (WSOI) explains how to override existing item/offer and SKU/offer information by item class.

Updating Standard Cost (MSCC) explains how to update the standard cost of all items defined with a primary vendor and vendor item and provides you with a sample of the Standard Cost Update report.

Maintaining SKU Cross Reference Codes (MSKR) describes how to create a cross reference between a Order Management System item and SKU and another system's item and SKU.

Updating SKU Offer Prices (MUSK) allows you to create SKU/offer prices for specific SKUs of an item and specific offers.

Maintaining Item/SKU/Offer (CPIM) describes how to recalculate the projected units or update other information in the Item/Offer table.

Maintaining Item Offers (MIOF) describes how to update item offer information for a specific offer, or to change item information for a specific item.

Copying SKU/Offer Records (CSKO) describes how to copy SKU offer information from one offer to another.

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