Print Remote Order Errors Report

Purpose: This report identifies the batch orders that contain errors and describes the cause(s) of the error. Use this list as a worksheet to fix the errors through Batch Order Entry.

How to print: Select Edit/Accept for an order batch at the Work with Error Orders Batches Screen to run the edit batch program.

For more information: See the sample report in PDF format.

How to use this report: The pieces of information that are most important on this report are the order number and the error description. The error description identifies what is wrong with the order. This information is helpful if you need to update a table or if you are going to update the order itself. You need to enter the order number in Batch Order Entry to correct the order or to accept the order after updating the table.

Each order printed on the Print Remote Order Errors Report remains in the order batch in an Error status until you correct all errors and select Edit/Accept again to rerun the order edit.


• Batch #

• Order #

• Customer #: Identifies the sold-to customer.

• Source Code: From the order header.

• Name: Company, last name, and first name of the sold-to customer.

• Error Description: The description of each error that is related to the order header.

• Ship #: The number identifying the order ship-to.

• Arrival Date

• Customer #: Depending on the type of ship-to:

- Recipient customer: The customer sold-to number of the order recipient.

- Permanent ship-to: The number identifying the permanent ship-to associated with the customer.

- Otherwise, if this is an order-level ship-to, or the order is shipping to the sold-to customer, the Customer # listed is 0.

• Ship to #: Set to 0.

• Ship via: The code identifying the ship via.

• Name: This field is not currently implemented.

• Error Description: The description of each error that is related to the order ship-to.

The following information about an order detail line is included if there is an error related to the order detail line.

• Line #

• Status

• Arrival Date

• Cancel Date: Blank if no cancel date was specified.

• Price: May be 0.00 if an error prevented the system from finding a price for the item, such as an invalid item code.

• Quantity Ordered

• S/H Amount: Special handling charges, if any; otherwise, 0.00.

• Additional Charges: Blank if no additional charges apply.

• Item

• SKU: The SKU code, if the item has SKUs; otherwise, blank.

• Error Description: The description of each error related to the order detail line.

For more information: See Order Creation Errors for a listing of errors that might occur and their descriptions.

OE02_03r OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC