User Authority Change Report

How to print: Complete the Print Security Audit Reports Screen with the User authority changes flag selected.

For more information: See the sample report in PDF format.

Note: This report is also available as a spreadsheet file, which you can open in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel®. See Reports Available in Spreadsheet Format for more information.


Date range: The date range selected at the Print Security Audit Reports Screen

• The ID and description affected by the activity. If the activity relates to:

- A user control record (Users table, updated through Advanced Commands or WUSR): user ID and user name from the User Control screen

- Any other update to a user-related table: user ID and name from Work with Users

- Any update related to a user class: user class code and description

- Any update related to an external payment service: the user ID who performed the update, and the user’s name

- Secured feature updates: secured feature code and description

Name changes: If there is a change to the name of the record, the PDF report displays the name before applying the change; however, the spreadsheet file includes the previous name in the before record and the changed name in the after record.

Sorting: Records on the report are listed alphabetically by user ID, user class name, or secured feature code based on the type of update; for example, updates to a user, including changes to the user’s company, secured feature, or menu option authority, are sorted by the user ID of the updated user. If there were updates to both the user record and another user-related table for the same user ID, the report first lists activity related to the User table, then the Users table, then any additional activity for other user-related tables.

In the case of changes to an external payment record, the records are listed under the user ID who performed the update.

Activity details: For each activity related to a user, class, external payment service, or secured feature:

- Date: The date when the activity occurred.

- Time: The time when the activity occurred.

- Table: The table updated by the activity and tracked in the User Audit table. See Fields Used by Updated Table (User Audit) for a listing of possible tables.

- Action: Indicates the type of activity:

* A = add: includes an after image of the new record

* C = change: includes a before image and an after image of changed fields

* D = delete: includes a before image of the deleted record

- Updated by: The user ID of the person performing the activity.

- Fields: Provides information on the activity:

* Before indicates the record before a change or deletion, for example: Before: Status *DISABLED

* After indicates the record after an addition or change, for example: After: Status *ENABLED

* Lists each new or changed field name with the previous setting (before image) or current setting (after image), for example: After: Advanced Commands: Y Password Expired: 04/20/2015. In the case of a change to an external payment service, the updated fields are listed.

For more information: See User Audit Table Updates and Fields Used by Updated Table (User Audit) for more information on how different types of activities update the User Audit table.

PUSAr OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC