Updating Harmonize Codes (UPHC)

Purpose: Use the Update Harmonize Codes function to update harmonize codes quickly for multiple items or SKUs.

The system uses an item's harmonize code to determine whether to add a duty charge to an order. Duty is a tax that you may be required to add to orders shipping to certain countries. The system performs the following checks to determine whether to add duty for an item a customer orders:

The system checks the duty rates defined for the country on the order's shipping address. If the system finds a duty rate whose harmonize code matches the item's harmonize code, it adds the duty amount or percentage to the order. Two blank records are a match; that is, if both the item's and the duty rate's harmonize codes are blank, the system will add the duty to the order. See Setting Up the Country Table (WCTY) for more information on setting up duty rates for countries.

For more information: You can also update harmonize codes through the Work with Items/SKUs option; see Performing Initial Item Entry (MITM).

Update Harmonize Codes Screen

Use this screen to update the harmonize codes of multiple items and SKUs quickly.

How to display this screen: Enter UPHC in the Fast path field at the top of any menu or select Update Harmonize Codes from a menu.




A code representing a unit of inventory that you sell. Items are defined in and validated against the Item table; see Performing Initial Item Entry (MITM).

Alphanumeric, 12 positions; required.

Harmonize code

A code that prints on customers documents for international shipments.

The system determines whether to add duty charges to an order by comparing an item's harmonize code with the harmonize codes associated with the duty rates for the customer's country.

You can also create, change, delete or display an item's harmonize code on the second screen in Work with Items for a non-SKU’d item, or on the SKU screen for SKU’d items; see Performing Initial Item Entry (MITM).

Alphanumeric, 16 positions; required.


1. Complete the Item and Harmonize code fields for each item that you want to update, pressing Tab to move from field to field. If you reach the bottom of the screen, select Next to advance to another screen.

2. Press Enter. The system validates the item codes and highlights any fields you need to correct. Correct any fields and press Enter again.

3. Select Accept to accept your entries or Reject to reject. If you select Accept, the confirm accept pop-up window, displayed below, appears.

4. Select OK to accept, or select Exit to cancel. If you select OK, the system updates the harmonize code field for each item you entered. If an item has SKUs, the system updates the harmonize code field for each SKU.

To exit the screen without submitting any updates to harmonize codes, select Reject.

UPHC OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC