Work Order Ticket

Purpose: The work order ticket provides information about a finished good work order including:

• the work order number and its expected due date

• the finished good and its component items

• the component locations and quantities taken from each

• the quantity of components damaged during the work process

How to print: On the Work with Work Orders Screen, select Print Ticket for the work order you wish to print a ticket for, or select Print All Unprinted to print all tickets that have not yet been printed for existing work orders.

For more information: See the sample report in PDF format.


• work order number

• item/SKU number

• item description

• warehouse

• buyer

• date printed

• order quantity

• date ordered

• date due

• component/SKU

• component description

• quantity per finished good

• quantity required per location

• location

• quantity pulled

• workorder pulled by

• produced by

• received in workcenter by (a workcenter is an area within the warehouse where the finished good is assembled)

• total hours

• item

• waste product (a component that was damaged during the finished good work order process)

- waste product quantity

- waste product location

• bind (a binder used during the finished good work order process)

- bind quantity

- bind location

• total quantity

• total location

• receipts

• receipt date

• receipt quantity

• receipt location

• reviewed by

• inspected by

• entered by

WH02_04r OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC