Default Miscellaneous Source Code for New Customers (H84)

Purpose: Use this screen to specify the miscellaneous source code to select for new customers when you are using the source code retrieval option.

Code field: Enter the source code to assign to an order for a new customer in order entry if you are using the Source Code Auto Retrieval Value (H82), if the system does not find a source code in the Customer Source Finder table, and there is no miscellaneous (Type = U) source code for the specified offer. See the description of the Source Code Auto Retrieval Value (H82) for a complete discussion and a description of the hierarchy the system uses to retrieve the correct source code.

Note: The default miscellaneous source code does not need to be associated with the offer that you specify when you search using the retrieval code in order entry.

IN03_05 OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC