Item Stock Allocation Error Report

Purpose: This report lists items that were ordered but not picked and the reason why the inventory was not picked. The Item Stock Allocation Error report sorts by warehouse/location/item/error sequence.

Item Stock Allocation Errors

Possible errors on the Item Stock Allocation Error report include:

Itm whs rsv frz (item warehouse reservation freeze)

Itm loc rsv frz (item location reservation freeze)

Loc unpickable (location is not a pickable location; for example a temporary location)

Loc frozen (location freeze)

No stock in pck (no stock in pickable location)

No prime loc (no primary location specified on the item/SKU)

Neg pend qty (negative pending quantity exists)

If an item or order has multiple locations that cannot be selected: If an item or order has multiple locations that cannot be picked, the system includes the item/order multiple times on the report in warehouse/location sequence.

How to print: The system generates this report when you generate pick slips if you have items on the orders which are not printed. See Performing Pick Slip Generation for more information.

For more information: See the sample report in PDF format.


• Warehouse: The warehouse where the item stock allocation error exists.

• Billing batch number

• Location: The location where the item stock allocation error exists; if the system tried to allocate from more than one location, but could not allocate stock from any of the locations, the system prints each location where the allocation error occurred.

• Item stock allocation error description: See Item Stock Allocation Errors for a list of possible errors.

• Pick number

• Order number

• Item/SKU

• Order quantity: This is the quantity reserved on the order, not the quantity ordered.

• Available quantity: The total available across all locations for the specific warehouse, item and SKU.

FU01_04r OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC