Backorder Report by Vendor with SKU Details

How to print: Select the By vendor and Print SKU detail fields on the Print Backorder Report Selection Prompt Screen and select Accept. The system submits the program BORVNDS. Backorder totals are provided for each SKU and each vendor.

For more information: See the sample report in PDF format.

Note: This report is also available as a spreadsheet file, which you can open in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel®. See Reports Available in Spreadsheet Format for more information.


• Soldout control (a code indicating when the system should consider the item sold out)1

• Vendor number

• Vendor description

• Item number


• Item description

• Quantity on backorder (cumulative total of all backordered SKUs for the item)

• Quantity on purchase order (cumulative total of all SKUs being ordered from your suppliers)

• Quantity on hand (cumulative total of all SKUs currently available across all warehouses)

• Quantity on reserve (cumulative total of all SKUs already reserved to existing orders)

• Subtotals for each base item

• Subtotals for each vendor

• Final totals across all vendors

  1. Soldout control codes are user-defined and are similar to this: 01 = Sell out immediately; 02 = Include on order quantity in sold out calculation; 03 = exclude on order quantity in sold out calculation.

CS06_01r OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC