Batch Pull Sheet Printing Program (C38)

Purpose: Use this screen to enter the name of the program that prints batch pull sheets.

System name field: Enter the name of the program to print batch pull sheets when you do not use Cart/Bin picking. This is a 10-position, alphanumeric field. The base print program is JFLR0397.

Important: If you use Cart/Bin picking (the Use Cart/Bin Picking? (B38) system control value is selected), the system ignores the print program in this system control value and instead uses the print program defined in the Cart/Bin Batch Pull Sheet Printing Program (C39) system control value to print batch pull sheets.

For more information: See:

Performing Pick Slip Generation to generate the report.

Picking Pullsheet for a sample of the report and description of its contents.

IN03_04 OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC