Include Print Quantity in Available Calculations (A65)

Purpose: Use this screen to define whether you want to include the print quantity in replenishment calculations.

Yes/No field: Select this field if you want to include the print quantity in available calculations for replenishment. The print quantity is the number of units on pick slips that have not been confirmed.

If you select this value, there are two calculations in which the system uses the printed quantity:


To determine if a location requires replenishment. (A location requires replenishment if the available quantity is less than or equal to the minimum quantity in the Item/Location table.)

Available quantity = On-hand + pending quantity - print quantity.


To determine the amount of stock available to be pulled from a location.

Available stock = On-hand + (Batch Inventory Transfer negative pending quantity) - print quantity.

Replenish Primary Locations: Setting this parameter depends on when you replenish locations.

• If you replenish locations before you pick product, but after you generate pick slips, you probably do not want to include the printed quantity; there may not be enough room to store the product in the location.

• If you replenish locations after you pick product, you may want to include the print quantity to ensure that you have filled the locations to their capacity.

Let Down Replenishment: If you are using Let Down Replenishment (the Let Down Replenishment (C36) system control value is set to REPORT or RPT/EXEC), in order to calculate the quantity to replenish correctly, the Include Print Quantity in Available Calculations (A65) system control value must be selected. See Let Down Replenishment for more information.

IN03_04 OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC