Consolidated Replenishment Report Program Name (G49)

Purpose: Use this screen to determine whether you can print the consolidated replenishment detail reports for replenishment control requests created by multiple pick slip generations in a single day.

System name: Enter the consolidated replenishment report program name to print consolidated replenishment reports.

The base Consolidated Replenishment Report print program is INR1603.

About replenishment reports: When the system creates replenishment requests as a result of pick slip generation (see Let Down Replenishment), a separate Replenishment Detail Report is generated for each pick slip generation batch.

Related system control values: To print consolidated replenishment reports, three related system control values should contain these settings:

Let Down Replenishment (C36) must be set to REPORT.

Check Location Quantities During Pick Generation (C54) must be selected.

Replenish from Location Type (A66) should be set to the type of location you wish to replenish from.

IN03_04 OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC