Minimum Item Price Eligible for Retail Pick Ticket (I76)

Purpose: Use this screen to indicate the threshold unit selling price for generating retail fulfillment pick slips for items on orders.

Dollar amount: Enter the highest unit selling price that should not generate a pick slip in retail fulfillment. Only order detail lines with unit prices higher than your entry are eligible for retail fulfillment. Order detail lines with unit prices equal to or less than your entry are not eligible for retail fulfillment. You might want to use this value to avoid the extra expense of retail fulfillment for order lines below a given value.

Example: Set this value to 4.99 to avoid generating retail pick slips for any order detail lines with unit selling prices of less than $5.00.

Which price? The system uses the actual selling price of a single unit of the item to determine whether to generate the retail pick, or the ODT price field in the Order Detail table. This price reflects discounting or repricing applied to the order line itself; however, it does not reflect any discounts applied to the order as negative additional charges.

Multiple units: The system compares the single unit price of the item with the setting for this system control value, not the extended price of the order line. For example, if you set this value to 3.00 and there are two units of the item priced at $2.50 each for an extended price of $5.00, the order line is still excluded based on the unit price being lower than the system control value.

Leave this value set to blank, or zero, if you do not want to exclude any items from retail fulfillment based on unit selling price, or if you do not use retail fulfillment.

IN03_04 OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC