Perform Source Pricing Validation (D62)

Purpose: Use this screen to define whether the system should prevent the operator from entering items that do not belong to an offer running a special pricing promotion.

Yes/no field: If you select this field, the system checks on whether the source code on the order header has any items flagged for a special pricing promotion; and, if so, the system validates that each item you add to the order is included in the special pricing promotion. You might use this feature if you want to restrict customers using a source code to ordering specific items at special prices.

Restriction applies where? This restriction applies in order entry, order maintenance, and the order API.

Special pricing is available only if the pricing method for the source code is Regular Hierarchy or Regular Plus Reprice.

Setting up special pricing by source: You can set up special pricing for items by select Special Pricing in Working with Source Codes (WSRC) or through the Working with Special Pricing by Source Code (WSPP) menu option. To set up special pricing, define the item that is on special, the required quantity to order, and the special price.

Based on header-level source code: The system performs this validation based on the source code on the order header, regardless of whether you override the source code at the line level. A source code override at the line level affects demand only (the number and dollar amount of items ordered), and not pricing.

Error: If the operator attempts to order an item that is not included in the special pricing records for the source code, the screen displays an error such as:

Item (xxxxxxxx) not valid for Source Code

Similarly, the order API puts the order in error if it includes any item not identified for special pricing.


• The validation takes place only if there is at least one special pricing by source record set up for the source code on the order header.

• The system does not require that the ordered quantity meet or exceed the quantity specified for the special source price. For example, if you set up a special source price for a quantity of 5, the system does not prevent you from creating an order line with a quantity of 4.

If you leave this system control value unselected, the system uses the normal pricing hierarchy and does not prevent you from adding any items to the order, regardless of whether there are any special pricing by source records for the source code.

IN03_02 OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC