Order Type to Process as Catalog Request/Item Samples (E08)

Purpose: Use this screen to specify an order type that identifies the order as a catalog request.

Code field: Enter the order type code to identify catalog requests processed through Order Entry. Customers you create or update with this order type will be identified on the system as catalog requesters, because they will have a mail type of C (catalog requester) rather than B (buyer).

The order type is a one-position, alphanumeric code. Order types are defined in and validated against the Order Type table; see Establishing Order Types (WOTY) for more information. You enter an order type code at the Default Values for Orders screen in Order Entry to specify the type of orders you are about to enter.

If you create a customer as a gift recipient in Order Entry (by selecting Sold To/Rcp. or Accept/Add Rcp.) the customer will be coded as a recipient with a mail type of R.

See Setting Defaults in Order Entry for more information about selecting an order type at the Default Values for Orders screen.

Package insert items will not be added to orders with this order type. See Package Insert Processing (WPIP) for more information about package insert items.

IN03_02 OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC