Alternate Customer Number Label Description (H95)

Purpose: Use this screen to define the name of the Alternate customer number (Interface cust code) field that displays on screens in Order Management System.

Code field: Enter the name of the Alternate customer number (Interface cust code in the Customer Sold To table) field that you wish to display on screens in Order Management System.

Example: If you enter the field label name PC MEMBER# in the system control value, the field label name that displays on the Order Management System screen is PC MEMBER# instead of Alt cust.

The Alternate customer number field displays on the following screens:

Select Customer Sold To Screen

• Work with Customers by Alternate Customer Number

• Scan Customer by Alternate Customer Number

Second Create Customer Sold To Screen

• Second Change Customer Sold To screen

• Second Display Customer Sold To screen

Order Inquiry Scan Screen

Select Customer Sold To For Order Screen

Select Customer for Catalog Request Screen

Leave this field blank if you want the name of the field to display as Alternate customer number on Order Management System screens.

On loyalty activation or deactivation email notifications: The system uses your entry in this field in the subject line for loyalty program activation and deactivation email notifications. For example, if this system control value is set to Reward #, the subject lines are Reward # Activation or Reward # Deactivation. If this system control value is blank, the Subject line uses Loyalty Activation or Loyalty Deactivation.

IN03_02 OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC