Include Handling in Freight Charge Calculation (D77)

Purpose: Use this screen to define whether the system includes handling charges on an order in the total dollar value subject to freight charges when using dollar chart or percentage freight calculation methods.

Yes/no field: Select this field if you want to include handling charges in the total dollar amount on an order subject to freight charges. You can include handling for freight calculation when using the following freight calculation methods, each defined in the Freight method field in the Source Code table:

• freight by dollar chart/source ($ Chart by Src)

• freight by dollar chart/offer ($ Chart by Ofr)

• recipient (Recipient)

• percentage by source (% Source)

• percentage by ship via (% Ship Via)

• offer price (By Offer Price)

See Working with Source Codes (WSRC) for more information on working with source codes and freight methods.

Note: The system also includes handling charges when calculating the order total subject to service charges by ship via if this system control value is selected. See Working with Ship Via Codes (WVIA) for more information on service charges by ship via.

Leave this field unselected if you do not want to include handling when calculating freight using one of the freight calculation methods.

IN03_02 OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC