Third Phone Number Type (L53)

Purpose: Use this screen to control whether to label a customer’s third phone number as Fax or Mobile on screens and reports.

Code field: Set this field to:

FAX (default) to label the customer’s third phone number as the Fax number.

MOBILE to label the customer’s third phone number as the Mobile or Mbl number.


Does not affect database: This system control value affects just the field label on screens and reports, and not the actual field names or their contents in the database. Regardless of the setting of this system control value, it is not possible to store both a fax and a mobile number for a customer.

Applies to all customer types: This system control value applies to sold-to customers, ship-to customers, and bill-to customers. See Understanding Customer Types for background on the different types of customers.

Does not affect XML messages: The names of XML attributes used in generic APIs are not affected by this system control value. For example, an attribute might be called customer_fax_number regardless of whether this system control value indicates that the field is used for the customer’s mobile phone number rather than a fax number.

Related system control value: The Phone Numbers (D15) system control value controls which phone numbers to include on certain screens that display only two of the three types of phone numbers. If that system control value is set to:

DAY/EVE (default): these screens do not include the fax or mobile phone number.

DAY/FAX: these screens include the third phone number, and label it either Fax or Mobile (Mbl), based on the Third Phone Number Type system control value.

See the Phone Numbers (D15) system control value for more information.

IN03_02 OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC