FTC -- # of Days for Items without Expected Ship Date (C71)

Purpose: Use this screen to define the number of days added to the expected arrival date for items with no open purchase orders.

Number field: Enter the number of days for the system to add to the expected arrival date for an item that is not in stock and for which there are no open (unreceived) purchase orders. The system performs this calculation for FTC (Federal Trade Commission) notifications in which you notify the customer that an item is out of stock and specify the date when it will arrive. This allows the customer to cancel the order, if desired.

Note: Although you can enter any value in this field, the FTC rule for this situation is 30 days maximum.

For more information:

• how purchase order layering works, and how to generate backorder cards: Purchase Order Layering and Backorder Notifications

• set items: Entering Set Information (WSET)

IN03_08 OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC