Credit Card Credit Acknowledgment Print Program (D22)

Purpose: Use this screen to identify the program that prints credit card acknowledgment cards.

System name field: Enter the name of the program that prints credit card acknowledgment cards, which are produced for a refund or balance due transaction against a credit card order. This card notifies the customer of any activity against the credit card for an order.

The standard program for printing credit card credit acknowledgments is program number CSR0559. Credit card credits print when you select the Generate C/C credits field at Processing Refunds (MREF).

If printing credit card credits, you must complete the Print Credit Card Credit Acknowledgments (C35) system control value.

Alternate currency pricing: The refund amount that prints on the credit card acknowledgement card displays in the alternate (foreign) currency if the Use Alternate Currency Pricing (H89) system control value is selected and a currency code and conversion rate are defined for the order in the Order Header Extended table.

IN03_08 OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC