Assign Unreferenced Email (H93)

Purpose: Use this screen to indicate whether the system should search for the customer related to an incoming email based on the email address that originated the email.

Code field: Enter the code that indicates whether the system should search for a customer whose email address matches the address on an incoming email.

Why is email address search necessary? If you use the emails repository, your customer service representatives can flag an email with identifiers, such as customer number and order number, when they forward the email to Order Management System. The system automatically assigns an inbound email if it is flagged correctly and consistently. However, these identifiers would not be specified if, for example, you configured your system to forward the emails automatically into Order Management System rather than having them sent first to customer service representatives for review, or if a customer service representative does not include email identifiers when forwarding an email. When an email arrives without email identifiers, the email can be assigned either through the email search or manually, through Working with Email (WEML).

Valid codes are:

*NODUPE = Search for a matching email address and use the search hierarchy described below.

*DUPE = Search for a matching email address in the Customer Sold To Email and Customer Ship To tables, but put the email in error status if there is more than one matching address in all of these tables.

*NONE = Do not search for an email address. Each email received without accurate email identifiers must be assigned through Working with Email (WEML).

Search hierarchy: If this system control value is set to *NODUPE, the system performs a search for a matching customer in by checking email addresses in the following order:


Ship-to customers:

• The system selects the ship-to customer whose Email address matches, and whose sold-to number is lowest (the oldest sold-to customer).

• If there is more than one ship-to customer for the same sold-to customer, the system selects the first ship-to customer by ship-to number.


Sold-to customers: The system selects the customer whose Email address matches and has been created or updated the most recently, based on the email address’s Change date and Change time, or the Create date and Create time if the email address has never been changed.


Bill-to customers: The system selects the bill-to customer whose Email address matches. If there is more than one bill-to customer with a matching email address, the system selects the first bill-to customer by number. If there is a single sold-to customer who has been assigned the selected bill-to customer, the system also selects the sold-to customer; otherwise, only the bill-to customer is selected.

The system does not search for a vendor based on email address.

For more information: See:

Email Repository Overview for an overview

Working with Email (WEML) for information on working with emails that have not been assigned to a customer

IN03_08 OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC