Loyalty Membership Activation Notification Email Program (I82)

Purpose: Use this screen to specify the program that generates notification emails when the background jobs activate a new loyalty membership for a customer.

System name field: Enter the name of the program to generate notification emails to customers when the background jobs activate new loyalty memberships. The base program is OER1359.

Email template: Use the Working with E-Mail Notification Templates (WEMT) menu option to set up the text to include in the email notification at the company level, or the Change Email Override Screen to set up an override template at the entity level.

“From” email address: You can use either the From Email Address for your company to specify the “from” email address to use for emails, or you can specify an override at the entity or entity/order type level through the Work with Entity Email Overrides Screen or Entity Email Override by Order Type Screen. However, using a different “from” email address based on entity or entity/order type might be confusing to your customers if the same customers commonly place orders in multiple entities within your company. In this situation, the “from” email address on an activation email might not match the “from” email address the customer usually sees.

Note: When a customer’s eligibility changes from one existing loyalty program to another (typically, because an increase in total order or sales dollars has “promoted” the customer to a higher loyalty program), the customer receives both an activation email for the new loyalty membership and a deactivation email for the old loyalty membership.

Leave this field blank if you do not use loyalty memberships or do not need to generate activation notification emails.

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