Membership Cancellation Email Program (K77)

Purpose: Use this screen to specify the program to generate the confirmation email for customer membership cancellation.

System name: Enter the program name to use for generating confirmation emails when you cancel a customer membership through the Working with Customer Memberships (WWCM) option. The standard base program is MEMCANNOTF, which generates a notification email in HTML format. Unless you are using a unique program or the outbound email API, described below, you should set this system control value to MEMCANNOTF in order to generate the email.

Note: The system does not generate membership cancellation emails when you cancel the customer membership by canceling the membership item in order maintenance.

Outbound email API: Order Management System generates a generic outbound XML message, rather than an actual email, if the XML only flag for the membership cancellation confirmation template is selected and this system control value is not blank. The Outbound Email XML Message (CWEmailOut) includes additional information that is not included in the standard email notice. You might choose to generate the XML message so that you can use the additional information to produce a reformatted HTML email and include promotional information. See Outbound Email API for an overview and message details.

Company-level or entity-level email template? The system generates an email using the text from the membership cancellation confirmation email template, set up through the Working with E-Mail Notification Templates (WEMT) menu option. You can also set up an email template at the entity level as an override; see Email Setup within Order Management System for more information.

Note: Cancellation emails generated when you cancel loyalty customer memberships always use the template set up through Working with E-Mail Notification Templates (WEMT), since loyalty memberships are not associated with a specific entity.

For more information: See Membership Cancellations for a discussion of when the system generates the email and how it determines the email address to use, and see Membership Cancellation Notification Sample and Contents for a sample notice and the information included.

Leave this field blank if you do not want to generate confirmations when you cancel customer memberships.

IN03_08 OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC