Translating Special Characters

Certain special characters cannot be passed in an attribute of an XML message except through the use of replacement text strings. For outbound XML messages, Order Management System replaces these with the text strings listed below. Similarly, for inbound messages, you can pass the special characters listed below by replacing them with the related text strings. For example, if the item description includes a double quote, Order Management System replaces it in the item_description attribute in the Detailed Order Response Message: Sample XML with ". Similarly, you can pass a single quote in the line_hyperlink attribute in the Inbound Order XML Message (CWORDERIN) by replacing it with '

If an inbound message includes any of the special characters listed below without using the replacement text string, the system returns an error: Cannot Parse XML Message or Invalid XML Message.

Special Character


Replacement Text String

single quote



double quote



greater than



less than





Other special characters (such as $ or !) can be passed in an attribute of an XML message without using replacement text strings.

special characters OMSCS 19.0 December 2019 OHC