Drop Ship Batch Confirmation Report

Purpose: Use this report to review the total cost of items on drop ship pick slips when you confirm by billing batch number.

How to print: Confirm drop ship pick slips by billing batch number at the Batch Confirmation Pop-up Window.

For more information: See the sample report in PDF format.


• current system date (not the date you entered at the Interactive Confirmation Screen)

• billing batch number for the group of drop ship pick slips

• vendor number for the item(s). The vendor number must be assigned to the item in the Vendor field on the Create and Change Item screens. Also, there must be a vendor/item record for this item and vendor, with a price defined, for the item to be included in this vendor's drop ship confirmation totals.

• name of the vendor

• number of drop ship pick slips confirmed in the billing batch

• total cost for drop shipments from this vendor, calculated by multiplying the unit vendor/item price for each item by the number of units confirmed in the billing batch

• total special handling cost for this vendor, calculated by multiplying the default special handling cost defined for the custom special handling format by the number of units. Special handling costs defined as a percentage rather than a unit amount are not included in this calculation.

For more information:

• Printing drop ship pick slips (fast path = MDSP): Selecting Vendors for Drop Ship Processing (MDSP)

• Assigning vendors to drop ship items (fast path = MITM: Working with Existing Items (MITM)

• Setting up vendor/items (fast path = WVNI): Working with Vendor Items (WVNI)

• Setting up custom special handling formats (fast path = WSHF): Establishing Custom Special Handling Formats (WSHF)

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