Oracle Insurance Policy Administration Release


Oracle Insurance Policy Administration (OIPA) for Life and Annuity is a highly flexible, rules-based policy administration solution that supports policy issue, billing, collections, policy processing, and claims in a single system. Leading insurance companies worldwide use OIPA for Life and Annuity to accelerate product development and reduce time to market, improve operational efficiency through centralized policy management and record keeping, and better service their customers and sales channels. The technologically advanced, but easy-to-use system provides the agility and flexibility that insurers need to remain competitive through the rapid rollout of simple to highly complex insurance products.


  • Flexible, rules-based configuration speeds creation and launch of products
  • User-friendly visual configuration tool simplifies debugging
  • Product cloning promotes reuse of rules and decreases development time
  • Powerful calculation engine and integrated debugger tool
  • Transaction-level testing improves accuracy and supports quality assurance


  • Leverage a single system for improved efficiency and lower TCO
  • Bring new products to market faster through collaborative development
  • Configure changes without customization or recompiling system's core code
  • Increase product development flexibility
  • Support compliance through a detailed audit trail

Release Notes

This document describes the enhancements to the existing functionality and the new features included in OIPA and OIRP for this release.

Backward Compatibility

This document explains the features and configuration changes in this release that will pose compatibility issues when upgrading from the past releases. This document also includes the instructions to fix these issues.

OIPA Licensing Information User Guide

This document includes licensing and copyright information for third-party products included with OIPA and OIRP for this release.