Accessing the PeopleSoft Online Help and PeopleBooks

This section discusses how to access the various formats of the PeopleSoft Online Help and PeopleBooks.

Accessing the Hosted Online Help Website

You can access the PeopleSoft Hosted Online Help website from any location with an Internet connection.

The Hosted Online Help website homepage contains a link to instructions for setting up context-sensitive help to point to the Hosted Online Help.

Accessing the Installable PeopleSoft Online Help

The installable PeopleSoft Online Help is made available with selected PeopleSoft Update Images and with PeopleTools releases for on-premise installations, through the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud

If you cannot use the Hosted Online Help website as your default PeopleSoft Online Help, you can install the PeopleSoft Online Help on a web server. Your installation documentation includes a chapter with instructions for how to install the online help for your business environment, and the documentation zip file may contain a README.txt file with additional installation instructions.

See PeopleSoft 9.2 Application Installation for your database platform, “Installing PeopleSoft Online Help.”

Accessing PeopleBooks in PDF Format

You can download PDF versions of PeopleSoft Online Help in the traditional PeopleBook format from the PeopleSoft Documentation Portal. These PDF files are available online for each major release shortly after GA.

Accessing Documentation Updates and Additional Documentation

The Hosted Online Help website is updated on a regular schedule, ensuring that you have access to the most current documentation. You can also find updates and additional documentation for this release, as well as previous releases, on My Oracle Support. Many additional types of documentation exist for your release, including:

  • Release notes describe the new features and enhancements in the release.

  • PeopleSoft Cumulative Feature Overview tools provide concise, high-level summaries of the enhanced functionality between starting and target releases.

  • Installation guides provide detailed, platform-specific installation instructions.

  • Hardware and software guides describe the minimum hardware and additional component software requirements.

  • Upgrade guides provide detailed instructions for customers who are upgrading, including locations for required additional patches prior to upgrading.

  • Licensing information user manuals provide licensing information that is related to the use of PeopleSoft products and third-party products.

  • Documentation homepages provide updated, release-specific information, with links to additional information that may be relevant.

In addition, the PeopleSoft Information Portal provides a single entry point to locate the documentation, training, and other useful information that you need to help with your implementation process and improve your daily experiences with PeopleSoft products. You can easily access information and links to the online help and PeopleBooks, documentation updates, instructor-led training, online classes, User Productivity Kits (UPKs), self-study CDs, certification programs, and other helpful information.

Accessing Context-Sensitive Help

If your help administrator has enabled context-sensitive help, you can access the PeopleSoft Online Help by clicking a Help link on any page in a PeopleSoft application. The context-sensitive help takes you directly to the help for the page that you’re viewing in the application. If multiple help pages are available, you should see a web page providing a list of help pages that you can access.

If context-sensitive help is not available to you, you can access embedded help at crucial spots within the applications, See PeopleTools: Applications User's Guide for more information about embedded help.