Making External Documentation Available Through the PeopleSoft Online Help

You can make external documentation available through the PeopleSoft Online Help by including custom links in the More section of the Contents sidebar. Examples of external documentation are custom documentation for your organization. The external documentation must be located outside the PeopleSoft Online Help folder structure and must be on a web server.

You can add a custom links to the More section of the Contents sidebar. These links appear on every page in the help site.

To add the custom links:

  1. Open the following file:

    docroot/language/product family/info.xml.

  2. Add a <custom-links> tag for each new link. immediately after the <copyright-statement> at the end of the file.

    Use the following format: <custom-link title="link title" href="link destination"

    The following example shows two new tags in bold:

    <copyright-statement><span>Copyright © 1988-2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.</span></copyright-statement>
    <custom-links title="Example Home 1" href="" />
    <custom-links title="Example Home 2" href="" />

    Note: Do not change the parent <productLine> tag when you edit the file.