Understanding the Analytic Instance Capture Utility

When customers report a problem in an application that uses Analytic Calculation Engine or PeopleSoft Optimization Framework, they often need to send the relevant data and metadata to PeopleSoft engineers who can then review the problem. Using the Analytic Instance Capture Utility, customers can package the data and metadata in a form that they can send to PeopleSoft for analysis and debugging. PeopleSoft developers then employ the Analytic Instance Capture Utility to unpackage (import) the data for analysis.

The Analytic Instance Capture Utility works across platforms. For example, there should be no problem if a customer exports data from an Oracle database and then PeopleSoft user support imports it into Microsoft SQL Server. The same is true if the data is exported, for instance, from a UNIX platform and imported into Windows.

Note: The machines being used to import and export data must be on identical versions of PeopleTools.

The Analytic Instance Capture Utility is not intended to handle major problems, such as crashes. Instead, it focuses on data problems—for example, when customers discover incorrectly calculated application data and want PeopleSoft developers to help determine the source of these calculations errors.

Note: Before using the Analytic Instance Capture Utility to communicate with PeopleSoft support, you should attempt to diagnose the problem by using the Analytic Model Viewer.

See Understanding the Analytic Model Viewer, Viewing Analytic Model Properties.